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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Immigration....the republicans' private ATM

     Immigration has increasingly become a very heated topic of debate between the republican and democratic parties over the past few decades. The central focus of the argument has been centered on illegal immigration and the approaches to responding to it. The republican response is harsher measures, stricter control of borders, and military involvement along the Mexican frontier. The illegal immigration of Mexican immigrants has been tied firmly into the war on drugs by the republican party and is constantly brought to the forefront of the combatant political arena. Watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX and their various affiliated networks, the public has been witness to the rising tide of mass illegal migration of Mexican nationals and the drugs they bring to our streets.

     That's exactly what the republican party wants you to see. They want us to be afraid. They want us to hate them. They want us to view them as the enemy and the republican response to be our great salvation. They want us to be fools.

     Illegal immigration and drug influx are indeed issues. Issues expertly manufactured and nurtured by the very party that decries their existence. Wake up.

     Until the 1970s, illegal immigration was never a serious issue. Harsher, more unattainable immigration standards, slowly built up over the past 40+ years, have made it almost as likely to become an American citizen, as it is to win the state lottery. As a consequence, entrance into the United States, has become more and more a criminal practice, bringing with it the other aspects of crime in an ever increasing cycle of severity. Of course the drug war is tied in with illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a crime and criminals go where other criminals go. Its the natural order of human response to congregate with circles of others who condone our actions.

     The war on drugs is an extremely profitable endeavor, both for the those who sell the drugs and those combat them. A harsh statement you say? Then consider this....

1. Money is diverted from tax payer funds to hire and maintain task forces to fight the threats

2. Illegal immigrants work for villainous low salaries just for the opportunity to have work at all

3. Individuals profit from their low wage workers AND from the private organizations established to support those combating in the drug war

     We are talking billions of dollars from both ends of this self perpetuating and escalating nightmare. Why would they ever WANT it to stop?

     If entrance restrictions to the US were lowered to NORMAL expectations, as they were prior to the 1970s, illegal immigration would dramatically decrease as legal immigration increased. The importation of drugs would dwindle by an exponential rate as the current transportation network enabling their flow into this country ceased. The resultant legitimate work force that would influx the country would bring a tax paying labor pool, increased economic input, and completely eliminate the illegal immigrant competition nation wide, adding hundreds of thousands of previously unavailable jobs to the market. The only losers in this situation would be the 1% of Americans who control 90% of the nation's economy and make a fortune by paying criminally low salaries to people who have no choice in the matter then turn around and rake the cash in hand over fist as they take out government contracts as support services on the drug war.

     Think I am over reacting? Go ask a recent immigrant from Ireland how long it took for them to get citizenship and compare it to a Mexican nationals. Talk about bias (BTW I happen to be an Irish American, so don't even try to play the race card with me). This isn't about illegal immigration, it's about Mexican immigration. Who are we to tell others who can and can not immigrate to this country. As long as they are not criminals and pass a security investigation, can pass the immigration test established for entrance, and are willing to work and contribute to the community welfare....then I say, give us your poor and your hungry.......we got plenty of room.

     Is it any wonder that Mexican population of California, both legal and illegal, wave the Mexican flag in the streets of our cities? I would too if I were being used like they are. You want them to love the America they are trying to be a part of? Then for God's sakes, MAKE THEM CITIZENS AND TREAT THEM WITH THE RESPECT ALL MEN ARE ENTITLED TO!!! If they actually are criminals, as would be determined by a routine back ground check, arrest and deport them then, and not proclaim them guilty without probable cause. (I thought our legal system was based on that precept....Innocent until proven guilty.....or perhaps that no longer applies.)

     Frankly I only have one question.................Where the hell were your immigration laws when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock?


  1. Wow - so true. The cost for i485 application is crazy, with all the fees doubling in cost in 2007, it has made it impossible for some visa bearing immigrants to apply for citizenship. Plus add in the up to 8 year wait and well whats the point.

  2. Precisely; however, unless you are from Canada or Mexico, border countries to the US in other words, the fee is waved or mitigated into a payable monthly fee upon gainfull employment. Absolute insanity. Iraqi and Afghani nationals can get citizenship far cheaper and far quicker than Canadians? WTF is up with that? Unless you live in South Park, I wasn't aware the Canadians were a threat to America.

  3. ... blame Canada.. isn't that the title of a song?

  4. only if you are a republican snicker