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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Heartfelt Farewell....Donnie goes bye-bye

     Well, as most of you already know, Donald Trump has declared he will not be running for a presidential bid with the republican party. I must admit, I am saddened by this event. He was the best friend the democratic party could ever have had.

     Donald Trump was everything we could have wished for in a republican candidate. He was incredibly inept, mentally unstable, and wildly conspiratorial in a very open and candid manor. When he wasn't chasing insane theories about Pres. Obama's birth records, he was spouting some irrelevant nonsense about his television show and it's relevance to the American economic situation, or he was illegally building monumentally garish flag poles in California, claiming it to be his patriotic duty (instead of spending a half million dollars on the worlds most insanely huge flag pole for one of his elitist golf courses, he could have spent far less and put a 15 foot pole on the lawn of every disabled veteran in the state, but, hey, who am I? I'm just some schmuck from rural American, what do I know?). These actions, combined with that camel hair rug stapled to his forehead and a total lack of anything even close to a solidly mentally stable thought on politics, made him a sure fire guarantee that the democrats would have OWNED in the upcoming elections. His mere presence in the republican camp would have caused more chaos than if Polly Shore were set loose in a convent (The man is a political comedian's wet dream come to life). Oh well, at least now he can move on to something more relevant, like chasing Bigfoot rumors on the Canadian border.

     I think John Stewart put it best last night on the Daily Show, when he said, "Donald Trump looks like the offspring of Newt Gingrich if he had knocked up Beaker the Muppet.".

     Bye-bye, Donnie me boyo, you will be sadly missed by every democrat in the entire country.

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  1. LOL! Spot On my friend!
    And what about a flagpole for every vet??? Now there's a project...WV could lead the nation!